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Public Policy Institute/Kids Speak Up! Alumni Page

Welcome to the Public Policy Institute and Kids Speak Up! Alumni Homepage. You are a member of a distinguished group taking an active role in the Epilepsy Foundation's advocacy efforts.

We have created this section of our site, in part to recognize and thank you for your hard work, and also to give you important advocacy updates and messages. Here you will have the opportunity to share your  state advocacy activities with your fellow alumni and the Foundation. 

Your advocacy work on behalf of people with epilepsy is amazingly valuable. We want to make sure we can maximize your efforts by supporting you and aligning other alumni resources where possible.

As a Kids Speak Up! (KSU) participant, you have already made an important impact on Capitol Hill. We thank you, and we want to help you continue to be a voice for positive change in your communities and around the country. 

You are educating your friends and peers about epilepsy. We want to help. Together, we can become more powerful advocates for change. 

This site will give KSU participants an opportunity to learn more about being strong advocates and continuing to Speak Up and Speak Out